• David Repka
    Owner Bison Financial Group
    "I have known Jerry since 1991. He is one of the most thoughtful real estate minds in the industry. He has forgotten more about multi-family housing than I will ever know. He has the tenacity of a Pit Bull with a bone when it comes to solving problems for his clients & does not let go until he accomplishes the mission. He always puts his clients needs above his own."

  • Bob Landis, HCCP®, CPM®
    SVP, Syndication at CAHEC
    "Jerry is a well-regarded, versatile, highly experienced multi-family real estate consultant and manager who is particularly knowledgeable about property operations, analyzing sub-markets and positioning properties for maximum profits and value. He has a long client list and legions of fans among his clients and colleagues in the industry. If you are looking for a professional who is tenacious in unlocking hidden value you are looking in the right place. I cannot think of any situation where the application of Jerry's knowledge and expertise would not result in an improved outcome."

  • Diana Mayes
    Asset Management Consultant
    "I have worked with Jerry as a colleague and a consultant and have found him to be very proficient in all aspects of asset management. He is especially adept at identifying under performing assets and in devising and implementing management plans to improve the performance of the asset. He loves a challenge and has been able to successfully meet those challenges by being resourceful, persistent, timely and an excellent communicator."

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