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Investment Real Estate Advisors is based in Tampa, Florida providing a wide range of services to owners, buyers, sellers and lenders of single and multifamily real estate.

More Are Renting

Buying A Home Is No Longer Part of The American Dream, More Continue to Rent. Click here to read this great perspective.

Rents Continue To Increase

With homes costing more and mortgages rates climbing more individuals and families are renting and willing to absorb increases. Click here to read this article.

Level The Investment Playing Field

We have seen stock market volatility again recently and some are predicting another “correction”. That causes investment instability, especially when combined with automobile repossessions which are at an historic high. Should you consider investing in income properties that are both affordable and located near where you live? Here’s why you should. 

Fundamental perspectives

Nobody has all the answers when it comes to investment real estate. I share this to help put some perspective into some fundamental thinking about buying and operating investment real estate. Click here to read about fundamental investment perspectives.

This is the year to invest

2017 is going exactly where many really smart real estate professionals knew it would. I can help you get into the game – here is somefood for thought.

How to buy a small multi-family property

Getting into position to buy, own and operate rental properties requires education on several different levels. I can assist you with figuring out how to position yourself in today’s market. Click here to read a great article.

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